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Video and Television in the Classroom



International Association of Educational and Discovery Television Companies




Television, Video and Cable Companies

ABC Classroom Connection

The A&E Classroom

Cable in the Classroom


C-SPAN in the Classroom


  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Health
  • Travel Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • TLC

History Channel Classroom

MTV's Cable in the Classroom Series Community of the Future


Nova Online

PBS Teacher Source - TV for Teachers

Weather Channel: The Weather Classroom

Effective Use of Television and Video

Using Video in the Classroom - Here are a few basic suggestions reprinted from material in Education Satlink magazine, the National Teacher Training Institute, and the PBS Elementary/Secondary Service

Ideas for Using Video in the Classroom - How to use video equipment in the classroom.

Integrating Video into the Classroom - Ideas for creating and using student produced video

Using TV in the Classroom - New Hampshire Public Television present utilization strategies, VCR/tape tips, and building a library

The Video Guide - Project Based Learning with multimedia. The Video Guide is a resource for both students and teachers to use as they explore the world of video. Among other topics, the Video Guide discusses Pre and Post production of student work.

Evaluating Student Videos

The Educational Television Studio This site contains several links dealing with education including, "Why watch TV?," VCR tips, Cable TV and Curriculum ideas just to name a few.

Video in Content Areas

Applications of Interactive Digital Video in a Physics Classroom - This is a lengthy paper describing the use of digital video written by Lawrence T. Escalada, Robert Grabhorn, and Dean A. Zollmanof the Department of Physics, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506-2601 (Published in Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 5(1), 73-97 (1996))

Video in the Language Classroom -

Resource Materials

Video Placement World Wide - The VPW Classroom Information Network offers an ever-growing list of high-quality educational videos and teaching materials FREE to educators and youth leaders

Videomaker Magazine Online - Video production resources and articles

AT&T Cable in Education Resources - This is your link to getting and using cable resources in the classroom.

Copy Rights and Fair Use

Cable in the Classroom

Performance Rights for Copyrighted Video recordings FAQS- State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

A Question of Fair Use Copyright and the New Technologies - By Gary H. Becker Lake Mary, Florida

PBS and Extended Taping Rights - PBS's extended videotaping rights intend to provide a free preview of programming to give teachers adequate time to review videotapes,


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