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Teaching Methods

The following information about teaching methods does not constitute endorsement. If you find any interesting links or are using a method you feel should be included here please contact


Aesthetic Realism

The Aesthetic Realism Foundation

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method:
Education Succeeds, Prejudice Ends!

A Teaching Method that Is Scientific and Kind

Aesthetic Realism and Eli Siegel in the News


Cooperative/Collaborative Learning

What Is the Collaborative Classroom?

Collaborative learning and the Internet

Cooperative/Collaborative Learning

Cooperative Learning Center

Resources for Cooperative Learning

Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical Thinking

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Issues for Research


Direct Instruction

Association for Direct Instruction

What the Data Really Show:
Direct Instruction Really Works!


Inquiry and Discovery Learning

Teacher Explorer Center- Inquiry Models of Instruction

The Discovery Learning Project


Montessori Method

Montessori Teaching& Teacher Training


Problem Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning

The Center for Problem-Based Learning

Problem Based Learning


Project Based Learning

The Buck Institute for Education

The Project Approach- in Early ChildHood and Elementary Education

Challenge 2000 - Project Based Learning with Multimedia

Project Based Learning:What is it?

Introduction to NetPBL:Collaborative Project-Based Learning

Integrating Technology and Project-Based Learning in a Multiage Classroom


Segmentation Method

The Segmentation Teaching Method


The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method:Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling

Socratic Method (Maieutic & Ironic)
in Training and Development: a Quest for the Virtuous Life

Teaching and Learning Databases

Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies

Teaching Methods Web Resources




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