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Imagine adding sounds and animation to your projects!

It is really quite easy. Below you will find examples and the html you need to accomplish this. After you have tried out some of the examples, you can print out this page for future reference or cut and paste the html into you own project.


1) The sound you heard is embeded
so it plays automatically as the page comes up.
<embed src="example.mid" autostart= "true >
2) This sound can be played if you want it to play. click here to play You should see a little control box come up on the screen. This link can be put anywhere on the page.
<a href="example.mid">click to play</a>
3) By adding the word "loop" to the html, the sound will play more than once. Here it will loop twice.
<embed src="example.mid" autostart= "true loop="2">
4) Here it will loop continually.
<embed src="example1.wav" autostart="true loop="infinite">

With the appropriate "plug-in" you can play .mid, .wav, or .aif files.

** Keep in mind most music on the web is copywritten.**
Please respect the law.


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