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Lab Equipment Review


The Microscope
  • Using the Microscope If you are looking for a "one stop shop" of information on the Microscope this is it. The site covers everything your student will need to know. Lubey's BioHelp site's philosophy is to provide a useful,, "User Friendly", and informative source for students (of any age)studying Biology.

  • Using the Microscope -This is a good overview of the microscope from Curtin University of Technology. Human Biology School of Biomedical Sciences,Dept. of Human Biology Dept. Western Australia

  • Microscopy -The University of Manitoba, Introductory Biology Program, Winnipeg, MB, Canada---This is an overview of microscopy

    • Microscope Slides - Shows prepared slides of onion and cheek cells at 10x and 40x

    • Magnification - Supplies information about microscope magnification including the way images are view and how to determine the actual size of the object being viewed.

  • The Mad Scientist -A nicely done site with simple clear explanations. Created by Mrs. Glazewski and her fifth grade class at Oak View Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

    • Inside an Onion Skin

    • A Close Look at a Cheek Cell
The Triple Beam Balance
  • Using the Triple Beam Balance Blue Ridge Community College Mr. Lilly
Other Equipment
  • Using a Graduated Cylinder Blue Ridge Community College Mr. Lilly

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