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New York State 8th. Grade Science Test

Curriculum Review


Sites for General Review of 6, 7 and 8 Grade Topics
  • Grade 8 Science - A Canadian website which covers many of the areas on the test. Be sure to look at science 7 and 8.

  • Education World: Science Center - A large site with links on many topics which the students can use to review.

  • Intermediate Level Science Test Review for East Islip Schools


Sites for Specific Topic Review

Life Science

  • Lubey's BioHelp This light hearted, fun site is an excellent to review Life Science It was created by a New York State Regents Biology teacher. Check out Punnet Squares.

  • Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science

  • Rader's Biology4Kids One section of a good site which offer simple explanation and quizzes after a student has finished a section

Earth Science

  • Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science

  • Rader's Interactive Space Exploration Center
    Nice simple overview on astronomy

  • Volcanoes Can we predict volcanic eruptions? Another great site sponsored by The Annenberg/CPB Project. Here you can explore not only Volcanoes but also other aspects of the Dynamic Earth.

  • Weather What forces affect our weather? The Annenberg/CPB Project has done it again with this site. Investigate topics such as El Nino, the Water Cycle or Forecasting

Physical Science

  • Amusement Park Physics This is the site that dares to "What are the forces behind the fun?" You can investigate several amusement park rides and discover the laws of Physics that apply. You can even design you own roller coaster. This site is run by The Annenberg/CPB Project

  • Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science

  • Rader's Physics4Kids

  • Visual Physics This is a great site with interactive simulations. Virtual Physics is supported by any browser, but best viewed with Java Applet, JavaScript, and frame able browsers.

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