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As your guide during the journey, has gathered the following links from the far reaches of the Internet. We hope you will use the links to further enhance your studies of the world's great rain forests.

Welcome To The Rainforest Workshop The is a very informative site maintained by the teachers and students of Marshall Middle School in Olympia, Washington.

The Temperate Rainforest from the "Classroom of the Future" The Olympic Peninsula located in British Columbia has a rainforest. Come find out how it is like other rainforests and how it is different. Student activities and teacher resources.

Simple Facts about the Durian You can find out just about everything you need to know about that wonderful tropical rainforest fruit, the Durian. Yes, all Durians are not created equally.

Durian Homepage Around The World A great site to explore. This site goes beyond basics. It has links to Durian sites all over the world.

Rainforest Action Network Learn more about rainforest issues and what is being done to save them.

Earthwatch Interested in working in the field? Through Earthwatch you could work side by side with scientists and scholars on a wide range of projects which are run around the globe.

Tropical Rain Forest Information Center They provide an archive of Landsat data collected for the tropics, information on the current state of the world's tropical forests, and other important facts

If you find a great rainforest site while searching the Web, please let us know and we will include it here.

Rainforest Alliance - Provides an easy way for individuals, school groups and classes, and community organizations to directly help grassroots conservation efforts in the tropics.

The Alaska Rainforest Campaign (ARC) is a coalition of groups concerned about Alaska's forests. Don't forget to see the slide show

The BSRLG (Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group) - Big Scrub rainforest is located in North Eastern NSW Australia. The group is fighting to save the remaining 1% of the one of the largest rainforests in Australia.

World Rainforest Movement - Based in Uruguay this site has extensive information listed by country. The site also has some really good links and photos.

Wealth of the Rainforest - Pharmacy of the World - Raintree Nutrition, Inc. brings you lots of information about the importance of the rainforest to medicine and health.

Animals Of The Rainforest - A great site dedcateds to the children of the world. You can get information on hundreds of animals.

The Rainforest Database -A searchable database for information on rainforests around the world.


"Rainforest Researchers" is a great piece of interactive software. It utilizes cooperative learning to solve problems in the rainforest. For more information contact:
Tom Snyder Productions






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