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New Teacher Survival Guide

  • American Federation of Teachers The AFT represents one million teachers, school support staff, higher education faculty and staff, health care professionals, and state and municipal employees.
  • United Federation of Teachers With more than 140,000 members,
    the UFT is the sole bargaining agent for most of the non-supervisory educators who work in the New York City public schools.

  • New York City Board of Education
    • Office of Instructional Support- New Teacher Links

  • Survival Guide For New Teachers: How New Teachers
    Can Work Effectively With Veteran Teachers, Parents, Principals, &
    Teacher Educators" (May 2000) was written by Amy DePaul & published by the Office of Educational Research & Improvement (OERI), US Department of Education. It is based on September 1997 interviews with winners of the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher Award, which recognizes outstanding elementary & secondary educators during their first year of teaching. This is a 27 page guide.
  • The New Teacher's Guide to the US Department of Education
  • Middleweb's - The First Days of Middle School - This is an incredible list of links that every New Teacher should see. It covers just about every aspect of teaching.

  • The Next Step - Learning how to teach when you finish studying

  • Teacher Education: For students of teaching in their first/second year of learning. Aimed at easing the search for info on the Internet.

  • What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching
  • Teach Now
  • Beginning Teachers' Tool Box A good site for Ideas for new teachers.
    Especially neat is their bulletin boards for sharing ideas
  • Teachers Helping Teachers Source of lesson plans and other
  • Classroom Teacher's Network Part of Microsoft in Education
    • New Teacher's Corner is a special place where first-time teachers
      can find help for their biggest classroom challenges as well as quick,
      practical tips they can use from Day One.
  • A Homepage For New Math Teachers This homepage was created to
    give new math teachers ideas and suggestions to help with their teaching. However, others will benefit by taking a look at it.
  • National Council Of Teachers of English
    • New Teacher Territory
  • TeachersFirst - New Teacher Resources
    • New Teachers On-line 15 web mentors are there to assist you.
    • Teacher Grants -grant opportunities from The IMPACT II
Classroom Management

Sci+MATE= does not take responsibility for the content on the following links. However they are being provided as "Food for Thought." Sci+MATE= holds that all children should be respected and cared for in the same way every human is entitled to be treated.

  • Teacher Inservice and Training Educational Network
    . Here you will find the classroom management and discipline resources. Take their quiz to see if their method is good for you.
  • Teacher Talk Home Page
    • What is your classroom management profile?


  • The Honor Level System:Discipline by Design
    • 11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline
    • Techniques that Backfire


  • Models for Classroom Management and Discipline
  • The Virtual Classroom This Internet site has two main features. The Web-Based Interactive Teacher Development and the Classroom Management Database.
  • Teach 2000- The Educator's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web-This site is meant to introduce new and veteran teachers to ways of using the Internet. It contains may pages of links on educational topics.
    • Classroom Management Good list of links

Attention All Teachers and Parents: Currently there is an effort under way to develop an Advanced Placement Geology Course to be taught in High Schools. The only way this effort will be successful is through your interest and support. For more information go the

AP Geology Info Home Page

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