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Mass Volume Density

5) The amount of stuff we have in a certain amount of space is called its Density. Objects with high density contain matter that is tightly packed. Low density objects contain matter that is loosely packed. It is important to know the density of a material because then you will start to understand how materials interact with each other.



You have three containers of equal size, one filled with cement, one filled with water, and one filled with air.

  1. Which container would have matter that is very tightly packed?
  2. Which container would have matter that is loosely packed?
  3. What would happen if you put the cement, water and air into one large container?

CLUE: Density determines the hardness or softness of a material. In general the more dense a material is the heavier and harder it feels. Less dense material feels softer and lighter.

Why would loose snow be less dense that a snow ball?

How would each feel?


How can we determine an object's density?

All we need to do is some simple math after you have measured an object's mass and volume.

The formula for density is

Density =



D = V


You found the mass of a rock to be 20 grams. The volume of the rock is 40 cm3

  20 g
D = 40 cm3
D = .5 g/cm3

Note: the unit is grams per cubic centimeter.


Remember when using the metric system you only use decimals and not fractions.


Ready for the Mass Volume Density Challenge?

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