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Mass Volume Density

Finding the volume of a larger object is easy. You would use the same water displacement method, except using the equipment is a slightly different way.

For Example:

1) Let's say you have found a rock.

2) Instead of put the rock into a graduated cylinder, you will use a beaker fill to the top with water.



3) You have to be very careful and put the rock in slowly.




4) Since the water will overflow make sure you place a dish under the beaker to catch the water.





5) After you have put the rock into the water and it stops overflowing, carefully pour the water from the dish into a graduated cylinder to measure the water.




6) Check the level of the water and you will have the rocks volume.

Don't forget to convert your measurement!

1 mL = 1 cm3


The volume of the rock is 40 cm3

Remember to record all measurements using the metric system.



Now on to Density!

Proceed to page 7.




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