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Mass Volume Density

If you got 48 you left something out.

It is very important give the unit of measurement so everyone knows what you are talking about.

The correct answer is 48 cm3.

Don't forget the unit is always cubed.

There is another way to find the volume of something and that is by using the water displacement method. This method is particularly good to use when you have object that doesn't have a regular box like shape.

For this method you will need water and a graduated cylinder.

For example:

1)Let's say you have a little object.




2) Fill a graduated cylinder with enough water to cover the object.








3) Carefully lower the object into the graduated cylinder so no water splashes up on the sides.

(NOTE: You may want to use a string, but remember the string has volume too. This will cause your reading to be slightly off.)

As the object goes into the water, the water will be displaced and go up.




4)The distance the water goes up is the volume of the object.

However, we are not done yet. Graduated cylinders measure in milliliters (mL), while volume is measured in cm3.

We now have to convert.

1 mL = 1 cm3



By comparing the Before and after pictures you can see that the water rose 10 mL.

10 mL = 10 cm3

The red object has a volume of 10 cm3.


Remember to record all measurements using the metric system.




What do you do if the object you have is too large to fit into a graduated cylinder?

Let's say a rock?

Proceed to page 6.




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