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Mass Volume Density


4) The space that the stuff takes up is called volume. Basically there are two ways to measure the volume of an object. It depends on its size and shape as to which method you will use. Also, the unit for volume is always cubed.( cubic centimeters or cm3 )


To find the volume of a regular shape like a cube or a shoe box, all we have to do is measure its length, width and height then do some easy multiplication.

Remember to record all measurements using the metric system.





For Example:

The Length= 6 cm. The Width = 4 cm. The Height = 2 cm.


The formula for volume is:

Length X Width X Height = Volume

Here in this example we fill in the data to solve the problem ,what is the volume of the box?

6 cm. x 4 cm. x 2 cm.= ?

When you think you have the answer
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