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Mass Volume Density


If you thought you should use a balance, you are absolutlely correct.



If they balance each other what is the Mass of the iron cube?


Right! It would be 10 grams.

Remember to record all measurements using the metric system.

If they do not balance, how can you find out what the mass of the iron cube might be?


If the blue cube is heavier than the iron cube, how could you find the iron cubešs mass?

Keep this in mind next time you go to, your favorite playground!


Balances come in many different styles. However they all work using the same principle. That is comparing an unkown amount matter to a known amount of matter The type used above is the simplest type of balance.It is an equal arm balance because each side of the fulcrum (the point it balances on) is equal.In science class you will probably use the type called a Triple Beam Balance.


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