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Mass Volume Density


What is the relationship of these three things? Simply stated:

1) Everything is made of matter.
2) Matter is stuff.
3) The amount of stuff we have is called mass.
4) The space that the stuff takes up is called volume.
5) The amount of stuff we have in a certain amount of space is called its Density.


Now lets take a look at each one of these ideas for a better understanding of Mass, Volume, and Density.


1) Everything is made of matter. This is true in our physical world. If it wasnąt our senses wouldn't be able to work. We wouldnąt be able to see and feel objects, taste and smell things or hear sound.


2) Matter is stuff. The stuff is actually extremely tiny particles we call Atoms ( Atoms are hard to describe because most people have never actually seen one and no one has ever seen the inside of an atom. However, many scientist have made models of the atom based on their theories.Just to see the outside of an atom, you need an extremely expensive, special instrument called a Scanning Tunneling Microscope .


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