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Technology Lesson Plans
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General Listings


  • AskEric - This is a searchable database of lesson plans on all topics. Ask Eric is a great place to start.

  • Principles of Technology Resources - Washington State Technology Education Association
  • Technology Lessons - From the Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition, Listed by Grade

  • Kent School District Technology Lesson Plans - K-6 plans incorporating Washington's standards

  • Index to Internet Lesson Plan Sites for K-12 Educators - The Internet School Library Media Center's index to Internet sites by subject discipline.


Computers & the Internet

  • -1,000+ Free Lesson Plans lesson plans on a wide variety of subject including computers and the internet sorted by grade level. Great educational resource for teachers and parents!

    • Computer Based, Non-Internet Activities
    • Internet Activities and Projects

    • Technology Lesson Plans
    • Computer Lesson Plans

  • Computer Troubleshooting Activities & Lessons - Camas High School Computer Resource
LEGO® Blocks
  • - A resource for teachers, parents, and kids who enjoy learning and building with LEGO


  • LEGO Projects for Math/Science Technology and Transportation

  • LEGO Design and Programming System - Tufts University
  • Teaching Resources for Grade 6 - Lesson plans and other information.
  • Model Rocketry for Educators - This page was created by Vincent R. Oraze, a math teacher. It is a guide book including lessons

  • Teaching Tips and Curriculum for Model Rockets -Curriculum ideas, teaching tips, suggestions, and links to other model rocket education sites, or sites that have books about using model rockets in the classroom.
Industrial Arts
  • Technology Education - woodworking -LEGO Design and Programming System

  • The Utah Woodworking Teacher - This is an entire 31 week curriculum guide.

  • Washington State Technology Education Association
    • Woodworking - Cabinetry - Carpentry - Construction for Technology Education 
    • Metal Working Resources
    • Engineering and Design Resources
    • CAD & Architecture Resources
  • Velosoft - Courseware supplier

  • Hobbytron- A large selection of electronic kits, fm transmitter, build a robot, ham radio, electronic circuits, electronic kit

  • LEGO Dacta is the educational division of the LEGO Company
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