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Javascripts are a great way to Jazz Up your website some can be quite useful. The few samples listed here are ones that I use regularly and have found them useful. The key to using Javascripts is not to over do it. Too many on a page is not good style. If not down right terrible.

Also, anytime you design a webpage be sure to try it on different browsers such as Aol's version of Internet Explorer, the real MS Internet Explorer and of course Netscape. The biggest mistake in website design is not testing it on other browsers and machines. If you have never done that before, try looking at this page on different browsers. You may be in for a shock.

Note: It took hours of work to find compatible Javascripts. Because many conflict with each other and many are not well written crashes will happen when you start to work with them.


This is an example of a simple clock.
The script allows you to put it just about anywhere on your page.


Press the button and see what happens.


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These boxes change color as you Roll Over them.
This works great on Aol and Internet Explorer but not on Netscape.

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This script and more free from A1 Javascripts

Multi Color Background Changer

This may be overkill!



To see the code for a popup window like the one used in conjunction with this page just click below.


Here are some other Javascript Resources.

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