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WHAT IS HYDROPONICS? "If it ain't Hydro - it's Dirt"

Hydroponics This is an excellent introductory site for learning about Hydroponics. Run by the Brookhaven National Labs, the Windowsill Hydroponic Farm Project by H. M. Hahn provides everything you need to know to get started in Hydroponics.

Hydroponics Systems:

Pipe Dream Hydroponics The Home of Hydroponics On -Line Your Home Built Hydroponics Source. This site has some great features not found on other hydroponics sites, such as bulletin boards, FAQ's, free stuff and a picture gallery, just to name a few. Of particular are plans for building an 11 gallon plant garden.

Pipe Dream Hydroponics

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Hydroponics On-line

Building and Using a Hydroponic/Aquaculture System in the Classroom Access Excellence- A lesson plan written by Ernest Nicol as part of the Fellows Collection of activities.

Bradley Hydroponics A multilingual commercial site offering tons of information. For example, the Hydroponics Class offers detailed notes on how to run a hydroponics project in the classroom. , The notes do refer to the kits they sell, however you can adapt them to fit your resources.

The Hydroponic University Take a "mini-class" or "ask the Professor" Get the FAQ's about hydroponics.


History of Hydroponics - A well written article by Gary V. Deutschmann covering the history starting hydroponic gardening going from the pyramids and into the future. This represents one chapter from the author's book

The Growing Edge magazine is the only resource of its kind on the planet. Focusing on hydroponics, Aeroponics, aquaponics, greenhouses, and other innovative growing techniques.

Trends for the Future and the Present

Manifestations Of Community Based Agriculture In The Urban Landscape A Canadian Compendium And Four Winnipeg Case Studies - By Emma Victoria Hall - A practicum submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University of Manitoba in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Landscape Architecture 2000

Hydroponics and Urban Agriculture -This site has links to several articles found in Urban Agricultural Notes, Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture

Hydroponics in Antarctica - From Practical Hydroponics and Green Houses

Working Hydroponic Farms:

Hydroponics in the News:


Aquaponics This company caters to education and the application of Hydroponics in the classroom

Growco Indoor Garden Supply

Homegrown Hydroponics the only way to grow! Retail supplier located in Canada.

MicroFarm - your source for indoor gardening They also have free plans which are extensive as well as a mailing list to join

Nature Perfect - This is a great source of supplies and information . They also offer a student and teacher discount program.

Simply Hydroponics and Organics Online! HOME OF THE HYDROPONIC UNIVERSITY- They offer a huge supply of materials for all you hydroponics needs.

Virginia Hydroponics Virginia Hydroponics, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best in home and educational hydroponic garden supplies, systems, grow lights, and organic fertilizers available today.

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