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Virtual Field Trips

Guidelines for Taking Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip Guidelines by

General Field Trips

Care Virtual field trips

Desert Tortoise Natural Area Virtual Field Trip

UtahLink Virtual field Trips - Just about any topic is covered. Well worth having a look!

Virtually Hawaii


VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS Journey with your students to places heretofore unattainable in your classroom!

Virtual Tours is a collection of tours for the World, Museums, Exhibits, Points of Special Interest and the US Government.


Virtual Worlds and Fieldtrips - Go on virtual trips to places around the world.

Ecologic and Evironmental Field Trips

The Ocean Planet - An Exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History

A TOUR OF THE FLYNN BOGS SYSTEM A Production of the Herbarium, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University (TAMU)

Today's Space Weather ...a virtual tour of the Universe - From Earth's atmosphere to the aurora, sun, solar system, and out to the distant reaches of the cosmos, see what the "weather" is like today.

A River Runs Through It - The Geographical Influence of the Mississippi River

Bishops College Intertidal Zone Field Trip -An intertidal zone it is the transition zone between the terrestrial ecosystems and the ocean. This award winning site is available in English and French

Herps of the Southeast - By Student Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. Join East Aiken Elementary School in their virtual journey of dicovery

More than a Day at the Beach - Ocean Institute at Sandy Hook- The institue runs actual field trips for students and teachers in the New York Tri-State area

Geologic Field Trips

Oneonta to the Hudson River -or- Time Traveling through 400 Million Years of Earth History in New York State

VolcanoWorld Virtual Field Trips - Pick a trip and start exploring!

Geology Field Trips - Virtual Field Trips are subdivided into three broad categories

A Virtual Geological Field Trip to Iceland

Lulworth Cove; Geology of the Dorset Coast - School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Southampton University, UK. - notable for its geology and geomorphology is the most-visited geological locality in Britain. There are excellent exposures of folded Jurassic and Cretaceous strata and on the cliffs to the east is the Fossil Forest with an ancient soil and tree remains. The Lower Cretaceous, Purbeck Formation is contorted into the Lulworth Crumples at Stair Hole and the spectacular coast around here has caves, natural arches, sea-stacks and high vertical Chalk cliffs.

The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

The Landscapes of Nova Scotia

The San Andreas Fault and the San Francisco Bay Area

The West Central Florida Coast Virtual Field Trip - Click on the coastal area or barrier island in order to take a virtual field trip to that area!


The Indian Peaks, Colorado, Front Range, U.S.A.

Griffith Park

Big Bend National Park Virtual Field trip - Created by Cain and Leslie Neal and maintained by Dr. Bruce Herbert Texas presented by A&M University Department of Geology

The Landscapes of Nova Scotia - Designed and developed by: Minerals and Energy Branch, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Virtual Field Trips and Slide Shows - A geologic adventure in Australia

Life Science Field Trips

The Visible Human Project® - This gives you an inside look at a real human body.

The Virtual Body - A highly interactive site in English and Spanish.

Virtual Tour of the Ear - Brought to you by Augustana College created by Perry C. Hanavan.

The Heart: An Online Exploration - From the Franklin Institute.

The Microbe Zoo - Discover the many worlds of hidden microbes.

Virtual Plant Cell - Included are virtual images as well as real electron micrographs. The Dept of Plant Biology, University of Illinois


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