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Guide To Creating Simple
3D Images


To view the anaglyph images on this page you will need a pair of of red and blue 3-D glasses. Images requiring the glasses will be indicated by the symbol.

Rainbow Symphony Inc., A leading producer and distributor of 3-D glasses and offers free 3D Glasses.

Creating 3D anaglyph images is fun and easy. The instructions presented here utilize Photoshop by Adobe. However, other photo altering software maybe used just adapt the instructions. These instructions deal with non-stereo original photographs that are tweaked to give a sense of 3D. True anaglyph images may use two images shot at slightly different angles of the same object and special software. For more information go to SCI+Mate= 3D Imaging

  1. Start with a good image. This is important because you will be distorting it, so it must be clear. Also, some photos make better 3d images. The photos could come from any source. Just be aware that many pictures on the web have copy rights. If you plan to use a picture that has copy rights, ask for permission first.

    If you scan an image here are some tips
    1. Scan your image at no more than 150 pixels. You don't need to be higher than that except if you are doing special work and getting paid a lot for it. The higher the pixels count the larger the file.
    2. After you have scanned it resize it to 75 pixels using your photo software. This will reduce the file size, which in turn will save you space on your website. Look for an image size menu In Photoshop go to the Image pulldown menu and you will find "Image Size." You will also be able to change the size of the photo.

  2. Open your image and save it immediately as the "Original" copy. Save it again as "Work" copy. You should always have two copies, one you are working on and one to use when you make a mistake. Even the best computer person makes mistakes. In Photoshop use "Save a copy as" under the File pulldown menu.

  3. You will want to crop or reduce the picture to include only what you want.

    1. Using the Marquee tool frame or select what you wish to save.
    2. Look for Crop tool and select it.

    In Photoshop, after using the Marquee tool from the tool palette, click on "Crop." Crop is found under the Image pulldown menu.

    Before Cropping
    After Cropping

  4. Flatten the image. By flattening an image you are merging all the layers into a single image with no background. Normally, you wouldn't want to flatten an image until it is finished. However, if you don't flatten the image you can't move on to making it 3D. Flattening helps reduce the file size.
    In Photoshop "Flatten Image" is found under the Layer pulldown menu.

  5. Make sure the image is in RGB (red blue green) Color mode. In Photoshop, RGB Color is found first by going to the Image menu, then opening the Mode menu. Finally, clicking on RGB Color

  6. Now you will be working with the RGB Channels. In Photoshop, go to the Window pulldown menu. Go down to open Channels. This should open a palette showing the RGB Channels.

  7. Click on the RED Channel. Your image will turn to black and white.

  8. On the left side of the Channel Palette, click in the small empty boxes until there are four eyes showing. Now the image should be in color. ( The eyes mean you can see the channel).

  9. Make sure the RED Channel is highlighted yellow.

  10. Using the drag tool, drag the image slightly to the right. If you have done all the steps correctly, your image should look like the one below.
    Before Dragging After Dragging

    The image will look a little blurry and a Red shadow should be visible.

  11. Finally, crop the image and save in the format you need for your project. (.gif if it is for the web.)
    In Photoshop, be sure be sure to highlight all the Channels on the Channel Palette before saving.
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