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Images of the Third Dimension

To view the anaglyph images on this page you will need a pair of of red and blue 3-D glasses. Images requiring the glasses will be indicated by the symbol.

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Scientific Uses:

La stereo-photo aerienne : Aerial stereo-photography : This site explains how cartographers use 3-d images to create maps. It is in French and English

3D Anaglyphs of North Dakota - Geology North Dakota is a land of fascinating geologic and physiographic landscapes, with vast plains sculpted by glaciation and rugged badlands incised into colorful bedrock by rivers.

Discover the Moon-3-D-- Anaglyphs The Smithsonian / National air and Space Museum- These are images taken from Apollo Trips to the Moon

3D star Maps An interesting site for Astronomy. Here you will see how the stars may actually be situated in space. They do not exist all on the same plane. The Next Link is an example of what you will find.

Welcome to Star Systems Mars Anaglyph and Java Panoramic Images

Mars Map - Anaglyphs VR for the Mars Pathfinder produced by NASA

Honeybee Head, photo by D. Walker Sample from National Museums Copyright © GSC, 1995, 1996, 1997 3D by Sci+MaTe=

Micro home page of Wim van Egmond A really good source for Bio images includes hydras bryozoans insects etc. The 3-D fly is great!

Microscopic Images of Crystals

Anaglyphs, Movies and 3-D Imaging "The construction of anaglyph images is useful, in some cases, for understanding the three-dimensional organization of biological specimens that are observed with the transmission electron microscope (TEM). " This is some of the work being done at the Laboratory of R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. ,University of Texas, Austin

UT Southwestern Ophthalmic Photography Anaglyphs - Stereo Images a look inside the eye


How does it work?

How 3-D works by Beakman and Jax This explains the basics of 3-D

About 3-D Did you know that this technology has been around has years. Even Leonardo da Vinci studied depth perception and 3-D.

Ways To Create Your Own Anaglyphs:

Move your head from side to side. He'll follow you.
Copyright © Sci+MaTe= 2000

Sci+MaTe='s Guide to creating simple 3D images Simple step by step instruction to creating 3D effects using Photoshop.

Making anaglyphs using scanned photos and Photoshop By Dominic Blouin

Making 3D Anaglyphs maintains a huge collection of links about creating anaglyphs. They are a must see.

Setting type in 3D Learn how to create words 3-D. You can now print out in 3-D what you type.

Rocky Mountain Memories 3D Encyclopedia Here is lots of information on 3-d photography and how to create anaglyphs as well as other types of 3-D images.



Rainbow Symphony Inc., As a leading producer and distributor of 3-D glasses, It has a large gallery of 3D Images (anaglyphs) and offers free 3D Glasses.

3-D Tour of the Solar System 3-D Images produced by NASA on CD. The site also has free images.

Fun Stuff:

3-D Company¹s art gallery of 3-D pictures.  Watch out for Moe's two fingers coming at you

3D Download free Depth Charge software to view a huge collection of 3-D images. Watch out for Giant Fruit Flies!

Depthography,Inc. Make your own anaglyph spex by downloading a graphic and printing it on a color transparency sheet.

Anaglyphs, for Red-Cyan Filters Great stuff from Star Wars!

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